My Name is Tarryn Gregory and I am from Broome. I am 37 years old and have just completed a Certificate III in Civil Construction through Carey Training with support from Kimberley Personnel.

My course ran for 14 weeks but after 5 weeks I was hit with a curve ball and had to leave Broome for Perth. I thought I’d lose this great opportunity when I moved, but through the amazing, help, support and guidance of Kimberley Personnel and Carey Training. Carey Training and Kimberley Personnel were able to make the necessary arrangements for me to continue my Training while I was in Perth. Because of this I was able to complete and proudly graduate with a Certificate III, which I see as skills for life.

This was the first thing I ever graduated from. I had always started things like this but never managed to finish; I didn’t even graduate from High School. But now I have a tertiary Qualification in something I never imagined being able to do including driving heavy machinery.

Through the support I received from Kimberley Personnel I didn’t only achieve something I never thought was possible for me I actually came away feeling empowered. I feel empowered because they showed me that if you really set your mind to something then great things can happen.

Thankyou Kimberley Personnel  (and especially to Peggy) for helping me move towards a brighter future and a career of my own.