Frequently Asked Questions – Job Seekers

How do I find out if I’m eligible for Kimberley Personnel Services?

Eligibility is determined through an assessment at Centrelink, this may require you to take a form to your Doctor to complete. We strongly recommend that you contact us so that we can help you through the process.

Can I come to Kimberley Personnel even though I am not on a Disability Support Pension (DSP)?

You don’t have to be on the DSP, in fact you may not be in receipt of any Centrelink Payment at all and still be eligible

Do I have to be able to work full time to get help through Kimberley Personnel?

The Centrelink Assessor will make a decision on your work capacity based on your medical information. You must have an assessed work capacity of at least 8 hours a week within 2 years with our support.

Will I lose my DSP if I get a job?

If you are on DSP in most cases you can work up to 30 hours per week for up to 2 years, without losing your eligibility for the DSP. Your payments will reduce however you will be financially better off in most scenario’s. Kimberley Personnel staff will help you understand how this works in your personal situation.

Will getting paid employment have any other effects on my income or costs?

The more you earn from your employment the better off you will be financially; however if your partner is also dependant on a Centrelink payment this may also be affected. Also if you are living in Department of Housing Accommodation your rent may also increase. Kimberley Personnel staff will help you to understand and manage these changes.

What happens if I get a job and don’t declare my earnings to Centrelink?

You must declare your earnings to Centrelink as soon as you start working. Centrelink always find out and will make you pay back any overpayments they have made; you might even face criminal charges. Kimberley Personnel staff will help you find the way of reporting your earnings that works best for you.

I’d like to work but I’m not sure if I can, how might Kimberley Personnel help me?

There are frequently challenges to overcome and Kimberley Personnel is here to help you overcome them. We have many resources that can be brought into play to help you overcome these challenges for example purchasing adaptive technologies and workplace modifications on your behalf.
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Frequently Asked Questions – Employers

I’d like to employ one of your clients but I’m concerned that they might have an accident at work?

There are a lot of myths out there on this subject, the spectrum of disabilities is very broad and hence the impact on a person must be determined for each individual, generally speaking our clients have an excellent safety record. We also take considerable care to select the right client for the job at hand and will discuss any risk factors or concerns with you during the process of recommending a potential employee to your business.

Will my insurance premiums be affected when I employ one of your clients?

Your insurance premiums will not be affected in any way when you employ our clients.

Our business has an equal opportunity policy but lacks the expertise to employ a person affected by a disability or long term health condition.

It is a major function of Kimberley Personnel to provide you with the expertise, advice and make any reasonable accommodations to be able to employ a person affected by a disability.

Once we employ a person through Kimberley Personnel will Kimberley Personnel be able to provide ongoing assistance if we feel we need it?

Yes Kimberley Personnel staff will provide support to your staff and the client for as long as it is required.

If I have a staff member whose health is starting to impact on their performance at work, can Kimberley Personnel provide expertise to help us maintain the staff member’s employment?

Yes this is known as the Work Assist Program and is here to help your business retain your valued staff member, like all our services this service is free and is aimed at developing a win win outcome for you and your employee. Call us and we get underway within days.
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