About Us

Who we are:

Our aim is to be the employment service provider that you would choose and choose again. Who our clients are:

  • Broome “people” affected by illness, injury & disability who aspire to work
  • The employers and potential employers of people affected by illness, injury & disability

Why choose KP?

  • Personalized Services – We are here to meet with, and work with the real you. We believe work is good for everyone as long as it is well matched to your interests, aptitudes and aspirations. Our approach is considerate of who you are and what you want to achieve.
  • Problem Solving – We take a solutions based approach to the things that may get in the way for you. This can involve technological solutions and workplace modifications but it will be whatever we can bring to bear to overcome the obstacle, whatever it is.
  • Considerate – We recognize that everyone has a story; their own values, needs, belief’s, cultures and even fears and dislikes. We want you to know in advance: that’s OK with us
  • Experience & Expertise – We have been providing specialist employment services in Broome for more than 20 years and have had some great successes. But having said that, we’re always learning and strive to keep up to date.
  • Meaningful employment “rates” – We believe that the best job for you is a job that you will enjoy, and if possible, provide you with a career
  • We’re not in it for the money – We exist because we want to see everyone have the opportunity to be included and contributing in their community; and our services are all free!
Image Kimberley Personnel team
Kimberley Personnel - Photo of team in boardroom