Looking for Work?

Information for Job Seekers

What is Kimberley Personnel?

  • Kimberley Personnel is a specialised employment agency that assists people affected by illness, injury or disability who are interested in finding and or keeping a job.
  • Kimberley Personnel also provides specialised employment services to people affected by an injury, illness or disability who are obliged to look for work as a condition of their Centrelink payment type.

Who can access Kimberley Personnel’s services?

  • Based on age a person affected by a disability, illness or injury may seek our support from Year 11 right up until they qualify for the Age Pension;
  • must live in Broome;
  • must meet some basic eligibility criteria (Please contact us to help test your eligibility);
  • and, must have capacity to work 8 hours or more per week.

How do we confirm your eligibility for Kimberley Personnel Services?

  • If you have not automatically been  referred to Kimberley Personnel by Centrelink you should contact us directly to test your eligibility
  • To test your eligibility, we will need your Centrelink Reference Number
  • In some cases we may need your Doctor to provide some basic medical information
  • In some cases you may need to speak to a Department of Human Services Assessor
  • The good news is that we are more than happy to guide you through these steps

How do you register with Kimberley Personnel?

  • Once your eligibility is confirmed we meet to complete the necessary paperwork, get an understanding of what you would like to achieve and how we can best support you to reach your employment and or training goals.
  • You will need to bring some identification with you
  • The initial meeting will take approximately 1 hour

What happens once you’re registered with Kimberley Personnel?

We work together with you to help you achieve your employment goals

To break that down, we help with:

  • Career planning and goal setting.
  • Identifying and overcoming any barriers to achieving your employment goals.
  • Exploring and accessing training opportunities.
  • Accessing any other appropriate support agencies.
  • Your resume, job applications and job interviews.
  • Putting you forward for jobs.
  • Presentation and fitting in at work.
  • Facilitating any modifications to the workplace, or adaptive technologies that may be helpful
  • Making sure you are safe at work and paid correctly
  • Overcoming any problems that may arise
  • Taking opportunities to develop your career where possible
  • Providing support to you for as long as you need it to become secure and independent in your employment.

Is Kimberley Personnel available to everyone who is eligible?

Kimberley Personnel services will only be denied where a person is not eligible for Disability Employment Services according to applicable grant conditions and guidelines. We will not discriminate on any other basis for example: race, colour, religion, nationality, sex, sexual orientation, disability or age.