Our Vision, Purpose & Values

Our Vision

To be the DES provider of choice for the Department of Social Services, people affected by disability, their families and employers in the region by:

  1. Providing the best support to our clients and their employers
  2. Achieving and maintaining above average contractual performance
  3. Earning and maintaining the respect of our key stakeholders
  4. Expanding the service where opportunities arise
  5. Maintaining the values of the Association and compliance with the DES Quality Assurance Standard


Our Purpose

  1. To achieve successful employment for our clients through: a. the development and pursuit of tailored employment pathway plans; b. the provision of holistic support both directly and through referral to other agencies
  2. To assist the employers of the Kimberley to employ clients of the service and to retain them in their employment. And by so doing (a + b) improve the social, psychological and economic well being of the clients of the service.
  3. To maintain the ethos and principles of a community based not for profit association


Our Values

  1. The contractual performance of the association in accordance with the DES KPI’s, Deed and guidelines
  2. The quality, profile and reputation of the association
  3. The unique abilities and interests of every individual that guide their career choices
  4. The potential that every individual has to achieve, participate in and contribute to society
  5. The accessibility of specialist employment services to all eligible people affected by disability and long term health conditions in the region
  6. How employment lifts a person’s dignity, confidence, and level of inclusion in their communities
  7. The inclusion of people with disabilities through employment and the benefits that this inclusion has for employers and for the communities in which we live
  8. The full inclusion of people regardless of difference as an indicator of a healthy community
  9. Pathways to work readiness accessible to our clients in the Kimberley Region
  10. Meeting the needs of people affected by disabilities during their school to work transition
  11. The language, land, culture and respect due to Aboriginal People across the region
  12. Working to ‘close the gap’ between Aboriginal People and other people
Kimberley Personnel assists people to find work in Broome
Photo of client of Kimberley Personnel